A Special Day for Special Members

PF Central PA_1

PF Central PA celebrants over 80 years old, Fred Detschel, Charlie McKnight and Lois Gibson, at the Special Day for Special Members event.

PF Central PA’s 10 Pennsylvania locations created a new initiative to engage its elderly membership called the Special Day for Special Members event. This new event was created specifically for members over 80 years old and was held Dec. 14, at 11 a.m., lasting nearly two hours at each location.

“When I realized how many members we had who are over 80 years old, I thought it would be nice to do something special for them. That age bracket is low maintenance and they are always so appreciative,” said Julie Morrison, PF Central PA franchisee.

The Planet Fitness® staff decorated each location’s front desk and lobby area with garland and balloons to welcome the celebrants that day with a jubilant ambiance. Cookies, doughnuts, cupcakes, coffee, lemonade and snacks were also provided for the guests to indulge in as they sat together and enjoyed themselves as a PF® community. Morrison notes that, although the event started at 11 a.m., almost all of the members arrived early, adding that, “That’s their generation! They were all so sweet and appreciative that we arranged a special day for them. We gave away shirts, water bottles, buddy bags, and we let them try out the massage chairs and HydroMassage Beds as most of them do not have the Black Card membership.”

PF Central PA_3

PF Central PA held a special event for its senior membership who graciously praised Planet Fitness for their time and thoughtfulness.

The oldest member to attend the event was 91 years old, quite an impressive age to still boast a gym membership! PF Central PA emailed the targeted membership segment and were surprised at the amount of response they received, following up each email with a personal phone call reminding the members of the event. They had sign-up sheets in the clubs prior and told the senior members about these when they came in. All of the clubs’ managers said the members made their day because they all kept thanking them repeatedly for doing something so nice and making them feel special. The event was so successful and made all the members and staff feel so positive that a second one was scheduled for June 6.

PF Central PA_2

PA Central PA staff enjoyed themselves as much as the senior members during this special event.

A member at Shippensburg PF, Catherine Hoffman, said in a heartfelt comment, that as she has grown older she feels as though people often brush aside people her age as if they are unimportant. Hoffman went on to say that she has never felt that way at Planet Fitness and that the staff makes her feel so welcome and cared about. A true testament to the positive impact the Judgement Free Zone® has on the PF membership, regardless of age.