Business Services

Bank of America Merrill Lynch
100 Federal St.
Cristin M. O’Hara
Managing Director and Group Head

Gym owners and operators face many unique challenges, including strong competition, changing consumer tastes, rising costs and a dynamic marketplace. Our finance group customizes solutions for operating companies, franchisees, franchisors and private equity firms. We offer 60 years of expertise and a full suite of solutions to help you succeed.

BestMark Inc.
5500 Feltl Road
Cindy Gehl
Senior Account Manager

Since 1986, BestMark has been helping businesses large and small improve employee and customer experiences, and their reputations, to drive repeat business, loyalty and increased sales while turning customers into champions of their brands. Our arsenal of proven surveying and auditing services include: mystery shopping, competitive intelligence, customer satisfaction and more.

Crew App
353 Sacramento St., Suite 2200
Will Edwards
Director of Revenue
San Francisco

Crew is an app that simplifies team communication. Crew gives leaders and coworkers a centralized place to communicate about everything work-related. They can send messages, manage schedules and give recognition directly from any device. Crew keeps everyone on the same page so everyone can have a successful day at work.

Elevanta Health
1701 Barrett Lakes Blvd., Suite 180
Todd Blevins
Group Health Sales

Elevanta Health is a proprietary group health insurance program that is an affordable, ACA-compliant and self-funded solution you can trust. It features financial stability for you and great coverage combined with a strong provider network for your employees. The Elevanta Health program offers 14 different plan designs, including a unique MEC option, HSA/HDHP Options, features the Blue Cross Blue Shield network and comes with administration services to make managing the program simple.

Fitness Insurance
2170 S. Parker Road, Suite 251
Brittney Rudolph
Director of Sales and Marketing

Fitness Insurance provides coverage to nearly 250 Planet Fitness® locations, and we have specialized in health club coverage for more than 36 years. Our experience in the fitness industry is second to none. We know the risks you face, and we continually advise gym owners on minimizing these risks.

1020 Highland Colony Parkway, Suite 400
Jason Saulters

HORNE LLP is a decidedly different CPA and advisory firm. Clients trust us for foresight, straight talk and collaboration. HORNE supports some of the highest performing franchise businesses in the country. We take on your day-to-day financial operations and equip you to scale with reliable data and forward-looking advice that translates information into strategy. By providing outsourced accounting, planning and consulting solutions, HORNE frees you to focus on serving up the best member experience.

Kane Insurance
243 State St.
Lyle Fulkerson

Kane Insurance focuses on building strong relationships with clients and serving their unique needs. As insurance professionals, our experience, integrity and commitment to client service sets us apart from the competition. Whether a small family or large corporation, Kane Insurance can provide the protection needed for financial security.

McLane Middleton
Steven M. Burke

McLane Middleton is a full-service law firm with extensive experience with franchise transactions and franchise owners, including business succession planning; estate and gift planning; asset protection; mergers and acquisitions; LLC and business structuring and governance; corporate financing; commercial leasing; contracts; employment matters; and federal and state income tax planning.

MS Consultants
100 Corporate Parkway, Suite 200
Jeff Hiatt
Director of Business Development

Many PF® franchisees have were waiting for congress to fix errors in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. This does not seem to be happening. We have proven tax reducing strategies that have delivered substantial income tax reductions for the owners of more than 450 Planet Fitness® locations. Take full advantage of the tax code, reducing the owners income taxes. These strategies will deliver a strong tax benefit now. With our reports in hand, if Congress fixes the errors, you will immediately be able to claim further benefits. MS Consultants offers a wide range of real estate tax services, uncovering opportunities to save income tax dollars through our engineer-based cost segregation studies, fixed asset analysis and much more. Having completed more than 18,200 studies, combined with our nationally recognized experts in taxation and construction, we bring an unmatched level of expertise to the table. We have also helped owners take advantage of the Work Opportunity Tax Credits available when hiring new employees.

Oasis Outsourcing
2054 Vista Parkway, Suite 300
Terri Preski
Professional Employer Consultant
West Palm Beach

Oasis administers payroll administration, human resource functions, employee benefits, ACA compliance, training and risk management all under one technology platform. Through the economies of scale, Oasis is able to provide benefits and insurances at much lower costs, HR liabilities are reduced by 50 percent, and operational profitability and productivity are enhanced. Call Terri Preski for complimentary consultation and HR analysis.