Australian Gold
Address: 8001 Woodland Drive
Contact: Jason Brooks
Contact Title: National Sales Manager
City: Indianapolis
State: IN

NEW SUNSHINE is the largest manufacturer of indoor tanning products and supplies with close to 75 percent market share worldwide. Our family of brands include AUSTRALIAN GOLD, DESIGNER SKIN, JWOWW, CALIFORNIA TAN and SWEDISH BEAUTY products. club owners can earn 30 percent cash back annually on New Sunshine lotion and supplies. To activate your 30 percent annual rebate or for training inquiries, email or call Australian Gold Guest Services.

BDA Inc.
Address: 15525 Woodinville Redmond Road NE
Contact: Heather Songini
Contact Title: Program Manager
City: Woodinville
State: WA

BDA is an award-winning modern Merchandise Agency™ and the exclusive partner for Planet Fitness® gear. Providing customized merchandising, marketing, e-store & fulfillment solutions for branded club supplies, staff uniforms, membership gifts, and products and creative services for sponsorship activation, brand promotion and retail sales, BDA is your single source.

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Defiance Fuel Inc.
Address: 530 Church St., Suite 711
Contact: Chase Pruett
City: Nashville
State: TN

We make highly conductive, structured beverages for athletes. With over 30 years of research into water science, we believe Defiance Fuel is the finest sports water on the market today. We create Defiance Fuel by emulating subtle natural energies found in a handful of waters around the world.


Devoted Creations
Address: 3874 Tampa Road
Contact: Lewis Henry
Contact Title: President
City: Oldsmar
State: FL

Devoted Creations is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality tanning lotions and skin care products possible for today’s tanner. We guarantee that our products contain only the finest and freshest ingredients, as we are directly involved in every step of product formulation. Devoted Creations is a worldwide leader in more than 50 countries within the tanning industry.

Four Seasons Sales & Service Inc.
Address: 2505 E. Wood St.
Contact: Melissa Gallion
City: Paris
State: TN

With over 30 years of industry experience, Four Seasons is a proven leader in the distribution of and consultation on tanning products, parts, services and marketing advantages. We employee a friendly, efficient, professional staff with first-class analytical and problem-solving skills who are passionate about partnering with salon owners to help them achieve their very best!

FPC Distribution
Address: 6630 Amberton Drive

Contact: John Bachman
City: Elk Ridge
State: MD

For over 60 years, FPC Distribution has provided top-quality chemical and cleaning supplies, food-service packaging and floor care equipment to businesses and organizations. FPC provides a variety of training and educational programs, some of which are OSHA-mandated under Hazcom 2012. We added COVID-19 training modules on disinfecting. Ongoing training leads to cleaner clubs and increased memberships. If you’re looking for a supplier/partner that does more than take orders and move boxes, give us a call. We have the experience, the expertise and the solutions to make your clubs stronger.

Heartland Tanning
Address: 4250 NE Sun Court
Contact: Dan Skelton
Contact Title: Business Support Representative/Planet Fitness
City: Lee’s Summit
State: MO

One of the tanning industry’s most versatile and well-respected family-owned companies, Heartland Tanning is a premier supplier of tanning lotions, lamps, parts and accessories for Planet Fitness® facilities all over the country.

Private Label Specialties
Address: 11 Lance Lane
Contact: Paul Toursie
Contact Title: General Manager
City: Goffstown
State: NH

Private Label began in 1991 as a branding twist to a common product-beverages. For 26-plus years, 20-plus years with PF®, we’ve proven this really works! It’s not just retail … this is branding! We use the label to our customer’s advantage, assisting their marketing to gain more customers.

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Spartan Chemical Co.
Address: 1110 Spartan Drive
Contact: Doug Peterson
Contact Title: National Account Manager
City: Maumee
State: OH

aintaining a clean and healthy fitness facility increases member satisfaction, ensures renewals and attracts new members. Spartan Chemical Co. is a recognized leader in the formulation and manufacture of cleaning and sanitation chemicals from it’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Maumee, Ohio. Over 500 distributors deliver and support the brand nationwide making it locally available in every market.

Address: 500 Staples Drive
Contact: Karen Kennedy
City: Framingham
State: MA

Staples is a preferred vendor for Planet Fitness®. We offer a fully customized program with exclusive pricing and free next-day delivery nationwide for all your clubs. Staples is able to service your facilities/janitorial, office, print, technology and furniture needs. Our program is specifically designed to be your one-stop shop.