Alder Partners Donates to Local Fire Department

Alder Partners donated a large amount of fitness equipment to the fire department in East Boston.

First responders risk their lives every day to help those in need, acting as local heroes. Many times, first responders are the first people to help when someone is in a dangerous or life-altering event. Alder Partners decided to share its gratitude for first responders by donating a large amount of fitness equipment to the local fire department in East Boston.

Alder Partners has had Planet Fitness® locations in East Boston for more than 15 years, so the area feels like home to them, making the donation an easy decision. Alder Partners is remodeling one of its clubs in East Boston, so the group donated its old equipment to all the Revere, Massachusetts, fire house locations. The donation included a set of dumbbells, a cable machine, two treadmills and three bikes, as well as four televisions.

“We are so grateful to our local first responders, many of whom work out in our gyms on their days off, so we were thrilled to give back to them as they protect our neighborhoods each and every day,” said Stanley DeMartinis Jr., managing partner at Alder Partners.

Many of the firefighters are longtime Planet Fitness members, as staying in shape is an important part of their job. It worked out perfectly that Alder Partners renovated its East Boston location and therefore was able to donate the older fitness equipment.

The group was able to donate more equipment than the firefighters ever expected. The Revere Fire Department posted on Twitter, thanking Alder Partners for the donations, as well as the group’s professionalism during the process. The donations will help local firefighters stay in shape and therefore, help them be able to save more lives!