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Make-It Fit Gives Career Development Opportunity to Local Community Member

Planet Fitness® is all about being a Judgment Free Zone® for its members and staff. Make-It Fit, LLC demonstrated its commitment to the JFZ philosophy by partnering with the Community Based Transition Center (CBTC), a transition services program at the Richland School District. The CBTC partners with many organizations and businesses to allow for local career training and placement.

Through the arrangement, Make-It Fit helped Preston Morris reach his career goals. For years, Morris had been interested in fitness and wanted to someday become a fitness trainer. However, after graduating high school, he was unsure how to achieve his goals. His mentor, Xavier Johnson, worked out at Planet Fitness in Richland, Washington, and reached out to the staff about getting involved with the CBTC program. The staff members were excited about the opportunity to help Morris, hiring him as an intern to learn more about the Planet Fitness trainer role.

Morris started with the club in November 2021 cleaning the machines and equipment, greeting customers and helping the personal trainer work with members. Make-It Fit hopes the position will turn into a full-time position for Morris, who is thriving in his role and feels at home at the Planet Fitness club.

The partnership between the PF® franchise and the CBTC has changed Morris’s life for the better. “Working with Preston and being a part of this program has brought me so much joy! Seeing how much progress and growth Preston makes every day working with us and teaching him how to not only be a PF staff member but a fitness trainer as well has been truly inspiring,” said Jay Briones, a fitness trainer with Make-It Fit’s Richland club.

Arthur H. Thomas Companies’ Fitness Trainer Elected to the Women’s Wrestling Hall of Fame

Fitness has always been a big part of Heidi Lee Morgan DeBartolomeis’ life. Her father was a wrestler, and at 16, she won a teenage body-building contest. In 1985, she started doing body-building exhibitions for World Wrestling Entertainment. She was good at it, too, becoming the ICW Woman’s Champion, the LPWA Woman’s Tag Champion from 1989-1992, and is in WWE Encyclopedia 1, 2, 3 and 4.

In 2018, she joined one of Arthur H. Thomas Companies’ Planet Fitness® clubs as a certified fitness trainer. She quickly had her training classes full at the Millville club before she expanded to the Vineland, New Jersey, location for classes as well. Her PF® training programs at both clubs are consistently successful. She also coordinates the PE@PF training schedules for both clubs.

Not only does Heidi give her all while working with Planet Fitness, but she also brings her vibrant energy to other aspects of her life. She hosts a weekly radio show titled “Women Encouraging Women” on WVLT 92.1 FM every Sunday at 5 p.m. She also volunteers in the community at events such as National Night Out. Heidi organizes the Planet Fitness table and presentation during this event in Vineland.  

To top off her impressive list of accomplishments, she was elected to the Class of 2024 Women’s Wrestling Hall of Fame. To be granted this honor, the nominee must have made a huge contribution to the history of women’s wrestling both amateur and professional in different time periods.

Heidi DeBartolomeis was elected to the Women’s Wrestling Hall of Fame, a huge accomplishment.

Heidi has made a big impact on Planet Fitness members, helping many people improve their lives through her love for fitness.

“Our lives are a gift; moving is a gift. Anything can be achieved using tools and equipment we have to be the best us that we can be,” she said.

Taymax Laces Up Shoes for Toronto Waterfront Marathon

Taymax helped thousands of runners speed to the finish line at the Toronto Waterfront Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K in downtown Toronto on Oct. 14-15. According to local news outlets, 23,800 runners participated in the 5K, half-marathon and marathon. The race is one of the largest marathons in Canada, so Taymax was able to bring awareness of Planet Fitness® to many fitness fanatics.

Six Taymax staff members volunteered at the race over the two days. They supported the PF® brand by sharing information about Planet Fitness memberships. Taymax also gave away an exclusive offer allowing those who joined Planet Fitness at the race to receive their first month free. Additionally, those who joined Planet Fitness that day and/or downloaded the PF mobile app were given free PF swag items. Staff members handed out over 300 water bottles and 100 cinch bags to individuals in the area.

This was Taymax’s first time participating in the race event, and it was a huge hit.

“It was great to be at the Toronto Waterfront Marathon representing Planet Fitness, as it gave us an opportunity to connect with the local community outside of our club. The staff and I were able to interact with many people, letting them know all the benefits of the Black Card membership since many of the participants travel year-round for marathons, and letting them know there could be a Planet Fitness location near them was a nice takeaway for these individuals. Overall, we had a blast, and we hope to be back next year,” said Zander Scmitt, an assistant general manager at the franchise’s College Park location.