Baseline Fitness Member Inspires Others With His Weight Loss Journey

In 2014, 32-year-old Heath Thompson had a realization about his health. Weighing in at more than 470 pounds, Thompson was at risk of health complications despite his young age. He decided to start a health and fitness journey that would turn his life around. 

Thompson joined the Planet Fitness ® in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, when it opened in January 2017. He goes five to seven days a week to lift weights and do cardio. Since beginning his fitness journey, Thompson has lost more than 200 pounds. He has served as a motivator for many other PF® members who have asked him to share tips. 

“He’s also inspired a group of women who are at a similar start weight to what he was when he originally started,” said Baseline Fitness franchisee Alex Majkrzak. “He also has a large number of people following his progress on Facebook and Instagram.” 

Thompson uses his own progress as motivation on days when he doesn’t feel like working out. “I’ll pull those photos up, and they definitely help keep me going,” he said in an ABC interview. 

Thompson encourages other club members and the club’s employees too. PF team members have described him as consistent, dedicated and motivated, and say how they admire his consistency and dedication to workouts. “So often it’s easy to get caught up prioritizing something else, but to come day in and day out without making excuses has been an amazing motivator for us,” Majkrzak said. 

Everyone wants a place that feels like a home away from home, and Thompson has found one at Planet Fitness. By starting conversations, building friendships and sharing his story, he has created a community at the gym. “My only goal in life has been to help others. My story gives me the education and platform to do that,” he said.