Baseline Fitness Shows Support for Team Members During Pandemic

Following the closure of gyms during the COVID-19 pandemic, a group from Baseline Fitness, owned by Scott Majkrzak, decided to create a financial support fund to assist fellow team members. “They wanted to start a donation pool designed to help any Baseline Fitness team member who may have needed financial assistance quickly during this period of hardship,” explained Majkrzak.

The spearheads of the project, dubbed the Baseline Support Team, developed an electronic application process for team members to apply for assistance. Between virtual fundraising events and donations, the team raised over $28,000 in just two months. All these funds are going directly to team members who need them most. Relief will be given for unexpected medical bills, funeral expenses or other emergencies.

The support team helped many team members with varying degrees of financial support and plans to continue doing so as clubs reopen and adapt their operations. Majkrzak noted that the group has seen a 96% retention rate of those who have received assistance.

The team also started a weekly e-communication called Wellness Wednesday that goes to everyone in the company as another way to show support. The updates have themes centered around personal development and well-being.

The motto of the support team is “team members supporting team members.” During good and bad times, Baseline Fitness team members know that they can count on one another. “While we know these tough times won’t last, our people have proven that tough teams do,” said Majkrzak. “While this time has been difficult for all, we are proud that some positive initiatives have come out of it.”