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EPIC Fitness and Impact Fitness Equip High School Athletes with Mini JFZ

EPIC Fitness and Impact Fitness partnered once again with the Detroit Lions and United Dairy Industry of Michigan to provide a lucky high school football team with its very own Mini Judgement Free Zone. In April, the group unveiled the mini JFZ at Pershing High School, which was the 2023 “Touchdown in Your Town” contest winning school. The gym includes everything necessary to help the high schoolers stay in shape, including cardio and strength equipment and milk refueling stations.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with the Detroit Lions and United Dairy Industry of Michigan and give back to the community with this donation to Pershing High School. We hope students use this space to form good exercise and nutrition habits early on, which will serve them well beyond their high school years,” said Bryan Rief, CEO of EPIC Fitness Group.           

There was a ribbon-cutting ceremony on April 16 to celebrate the opening of the Mini JFZ. Students from Pershing High School’s football team, along with Principal Bryant Tipton, coaches and representatives from the Detroit Lions, EPIC Fitness, Impact Fitness and UDIM, came out to celebrate the grand opening. The Pershing High School football team was granted the new fitness space to help them stay healthy during not only the sporting season but also during the offseason.

“Without the help of the Pershing High School community partners, our student-athletes would not have a place to train or condition,” said Tipton. “This weight room is a boost to the Pershing school and community and will allow our teams to play on a level playing field. Thank you, Planet Fitness®, Detroit Lions, United Dairy Industry of Michigan and everyone who made this possible. Your commitment to children, the community and Detroit is truly valued.”

The “Touchdown in Your Town” program has been helping Michigan high school student athletes for six years. Applications for this year’s winner were accepted through May 29. High school football programs are also allowed to apply for resources, such as helmets, practice equipment and uniforms, as well as grant funding. Additionally, cheer and spirit programs can apply for resources, such as uniforms, warm-ups, pom poms and equipment, as well as support for camps and competitions.

CDM Fitness Holdings Expands Footprint by Acquiring Seven Planet Fitness Clubs

Core Development and Management Fitness Holdings (CDM) is broadening fitness and fun across the Pacific Northwest. The franchise group purchased seven Planet Fitness® clubs in the Tacoma, Washington-area. On Feb. 21, CDM purchased the clubs from Jeg Viper of Philadelphia.

The seven clubs included Bonney Lake, Milton, Puyallup, Tacoma (Fern Hill), Tacoma (West End), University Place and Tacoma (Eastside). The total square footage of the properties came up to nearly 162,000 square feet. The clubs have a total of around 60,000 members.

“Seattle-Tacoma is a diverse, vibrant market, and we believe underserved in terms of affordable fitness options,” said Bruce Edwards, CEO of CDM Fitness Holdings. “We have experienced a positive reception since entering the greater Seattle market, and our immediate plans are to reinvest in and enhance our existing locations with new equipment and facility upgrades to ensure that our member experience rivals that of a brand-new facility. We are also actively looking to expand our Planet Fitness network to additional areas in and around the region.”

With this acquisition, CDM Fitness Holdings now has 17 Planet Fitness locations in Washington, as well as 80 locations in total across Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont and Washington state.

Midwest Fitness Partners Make Dreams Come True with Make-A-Wish Walk

Midwest Fitness Partners was a sponsor for the Make-A-Wish Walk at Forest Park in St. Louis, Missouri, on April 13. Make-A-Wish Missouri & Kansas grants life-changing wishes for kids with critical illnesses.

As a sponsor for the event, Midwest Fitness Partners donated $7,500 to Make-A-Wish. The group also set up a tent at the Make-A-Wish Walk to help promote health and fitness and hand out free items to attendees. The group had five staff members managing the tent. The day was a success as $565,000 was raised at the Make-A-Wish Walk, which was enough to grant 56 wishes!

Midwest Fitness Partners was happy to support an incredible mission and organization, as well as help children and families in need. The event was also a great way for the franchise to share the benefits of a Planet Fitness® membership with attendees.

“We are deeply committed to supporting children, as they are our future. Contributing to Make-A-Wish is a noble cause that helps children in need, and we are honored and delighted to be a part of it,” said Sam Glassman, CFO of Midwest Fitness Partners.

United Fitness Partners’ Club Manager Helps Member Make Leap in Fitness Journey

During September 2023, United Fitness Partners held two fitness programs to challenge their members. One was to complete a 5K or 10K on a treadmill and have the fastest completion time within that level. The second fitness challenge was the completion of all 21 landmarks on the Stairmaster. Both challenges had to be completed within a 30-day period, and the challenges were offered every other month. There were sign-up sheets available, and the staff communicated with members about the incentive to earn a free month of membership by completing either one of the challenges.

A Planet Fitness® member at UFP’s Hot Springs, Arkansas, location, Israel Pike, decided to try the 5K challenge, despite never running a 5K previously. He had recently quit smoking and was inspired to get into better shape, so this challenge was a springboard for his fitness journey. After a lot of hard work, Pike completed the 5K challenge in a 30-minute period. Once he reached this accomplishment, he had a significant increase in check-ins at the club and came to the gym with more determination and purpose than before.

However, in October, the Hot Springs’ Club Manager Rodney Handy talked to Israel after not seeing him for a while. Unfortunately, Pike had battled shingles and experienced serious health problems that set him back. Despite this, he asked if there were any other club challenges as he wanted to continue his health journey. At the time, the club manager realized that Pike didn’t have any running shoes and was wearing “Chuck’s” basketball shoes.

In November, Pike completed the stairclimber challenge but was unable to afford running shoes. Handy connected with Mizuno Golf and was able to order Pike a premium pair of Mizuno running shoes.

When Pike received the running shoes, he was incredibly thankful. “It felt good. Knowing that others were rooting for me made me want to show them and myself I could complete the challenge. I felt now I had to prove to them I could do it,” he explained.

Since joining Planet Fitness in March 2022, Pike has felt welcomed and encouraged by everyone in the club, spurring him on in his fitness journey. “I love that everyone here is rooting for me. I had other members coming up to me telling me, ‘I can do it,’” he shared. “These were people who I would least expect to say anything. The people and the environment are so welcoming and encouraging.”

OKTA Holdings Laces Up to Celebrate Member’s Running Achievements  

Planet Fitness® is constantly changing people’s lives for the better by helping members lead healthier lives. At the age of 42, an economics professor at Linfield University, Randy Grant, decided to embark on a transformative health journey by joining OKTA Holdings’ club in McMinnville, Oregon. He has since lost over 80 pounds. Not only that, but he became a runner and completed marathons in every U.S. state.

To celebrate this amazing achievement, OKTA Holdings, which has 13 clubs in Vancouver, Washington, and Oregon, worked on a sponsorship project with the “Race to Space” in McMinnville in May. Grant will be joining the start line of the race alongside other runners. This race is a cherished tradition in the town, and the franchise group is excited to be a part of it. The franchise group is designing custom running shirts for the race participants and will provide all the race volunteers with custom T-shirts. OKTA Holdings is also hard at work curating a selection of unique swag items to make the race day even more memorable for everyone.

This summer, Grant is running a 1,000-mile race along the coast of England called Run Britannia, a challenging feat across multiple days and multiple countries.

He attributes his fitness transformation to Planet Fitness. “Planet Fitness has made a world of difference to my running adventures. Hours on the stair stepper strengthen my cardio and hill climbing. The 30-minute workout helps with the supporting systems. I’ve visited over a dozen Planet Fitness locations around the country while running a marathon in every state. They’ve been a great place for a post-race shower and massage, or a light workout when the weather is nasty,” said Grant.