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Houston Fitness Partners Opens 34th Location in Greater OST/South Union

Houston Fitness Partners celebrated the grand opening of its new location in Greater OST/South Union with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and a member appreciation week.

In September, Houston Fitness Partners opened a new club location in the Greater OST/South Union area, which is the group’s 34th location and the sixth club opened this year. To celebrate, the organization hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Many Houston Fitness Partners staff came out for the celebration. With locations across the Houston market, regional managers, club managers, a few Greater OST staff members, the vice president of operations and the marketing and communications coordinator were all able to be in attendance.

Houston Fitness Partners also showed love to its members with a member appreciation week from Sept. 19-23 at the Greater OST/South Union location. During the week, Houston Fitness Partners gave its members the opportunity to win giveaways or receive a PF®-branded T-shirt whenever they checked in for their workout. On Taco Tuesday, members were also able to enjoy tasty street tacos from local food truck Taqueria El Barbón.

Houston Fitness Partners Launches Geared for Giving Initiative

As part of the Geared for Giving initiative, Houston Fitness Partners donated $10,000 to the Angel by Nature + Relief Gang. Pictured, from left, are Heather Gomes, HFP regional manager; Lucy Garza, manager at Northwest Crossing; Taelynne Gallegos, manager at Katy Fry; Trae the Truth, founder of Angel by Nature and co-founder of Relief Gang; and Abby Belaire, HFP manager of Marketing & Communications.

PF® franchisees don’t just serve their club members; they also serve their local communities. Many businesses can be so focused on generating revenue they forget about their customers and community, but not Planet Fitness®!

This fall, Houston Fitness Partners launched a Geared for Giving initiative. Each quarter, HFP team members are nominated to join the committee that selects a charitable organization from the Houston area to receive a generous donation of up to $10,000.

Taelynne Gallegos, a member of the committee, loved being a part of the Geared for Giving initiative. “Thank you for giving not only me but all of us the opportunity to be a part of this awesome experience! I look forward to being able to present the donation,” she said.

For the third quarter, Houston Fitness Partners selected Angel by Nature + Relief Gang. Since 2008, the organization has worked to improve life for people impacted by hardship and poverty, especially youth. Houston Fitness Partners chose this organization because it believed Angel by Nature + Relief Gang strongly aligned with Planet’s mission of giving back to the local community.

“We’re excited for what’s to come and the organizations we’ll be able to help in the future,” said Abby Belaire, manager of Marketing & Communications at Houston Fitness Partners.

Easy Mile Fitness Makes Fitness Simple for Veteran and His Service Dog

Assisting those who have served their country is a priority for many across the Planet Fitness® franchisee community. One of Easy Mile Fitness’ members in Puerto Rico, George Campoamor, was badly injured during his time serving in Iraq in 2003 and in Afghanistan in 2010, leaving him with partial paraplegia, among other injuries. It has taken numerous operations for him to slowly recuperate.

In 2017, Campoamor became owner to his service dog, Mr. Jack Daniel’s. The Dachshund travels with Campoamor wherever he goes, including to work out at Planet Fitness. He trains in Bayamon Oeste and Manati, two of Easy Mile Fitness’ Puerto Rico clubs. Easy Mile Fitness has been welcoming to Campoamor and his service animal, making Campoamor feel loved and appreciated every time he steps into the gym.

“To come to Planet Fitness is a therapy for me. It is something that is gratifying, especially to see people who greet you and who smile when they see Mr. Jack Daniel’s. Mr. Jack Daniel’s brings joy, and when I come here, it makes me forget the condition I have,” Campoamor said.

While Campoamor works out, Mr. Jack Daniel’s keeps a watchful eye out and alerts his owner of potential convulsions. Once the dog alerts him, Campoamor is able to take medication to assist with the condition. The service dog has also been trained to detect low blood sugar in his owner.

Easy Mile Fitness makes access to its facilities easy for those who may have special needs like Campoamor to ensure the club favorite – and his furry friend – keep returning.

PCV Holding Co. Participates in Boys & Girls Club Staff Event

Franchisees at Planet Fitness® are always happy to support the Boys & Girls Club and the organization’s staff. PCV Holding Co. participated in the Boys & Girls Club of Fresno’s yearly staff kick-off event, “The Great Comeback Central Valley Conference.” On July 27-28, the 11th annual Central Valley Conference was held by the Boys & Girls Clubs of Fresno and Sequoias in Fresno. At the conference, there were more than 120 Boys & Girls Club youth development professionals, who attended 30 educational and training workshops.

As part of the event, PCV Holding facilitated the workshop “Encourages the Establishment of a Healthy Lifestyle,” in which Planet Fitness team members discussed the importance of creating healthy habits of diet and exercise. PCV Holding Director of Operations Brian Cassagio and trainers Ilya Silva and Devon Fang led the discussion in the two-hour session. The Boys & Girls Club staff who attended the workshop left the session with a designed plan to add fitness to their lives.

PCV Holding Co. joined more than 120 Boys & Girls Club youth development professionals at the organization’s yearly staff kick-off event in July.

PCV Holding Co. was excited to participate in the conference. Over the past five years, the franchise group has supported the Boys & Girls Club of Fresno County in many ways, such as a March Madness basketball game and building a Mini Judgement Free Zone® at one of the Boys & Girls Club locations. At the March Madness game, PCV Holding hosted a tournament with four teams made up of PF® staff and members of the Boys & Girls Club. The night included games, prizes, food and drinks.

The Boys & Girls Club expressed appreciation for PCV Holding and its participation in the conference. Next year, the conference will be in Visalia, California, and PCV Holding is already making plans for that event as well.

PF Growth Partners Celebrates Growth with Hagerstown Club Reopening

PF Growth Partners celebrated the grand reopening of its Planet Fitness Hagerstown location with a ribbon cutting ceremony that included Maryland State Delegate Brenda Thiam and Jill Thompson, the director of Community & Economic Development for the City of Hagerstown and the Washington County Chamber of Commerce. Photo credit to Glenwood Jackson.

PF Growth Partners, which owns and operates 73 Planet Fitness® clubs, celebrated the grand reopening of its Planet Fitness Hagerstown in April. Planet Fitness Hagerstown originally opened in 2009 and recently underwent over $1 million in renovations.

Located at 1121 Maryland Avenue in Hagerstown, Maryland, the club was expanded by 4,000 square feet to reach 21,250 square feet. After the renovations, the club features a new PF Black Card® Spa area, new strength and cardio equipment, TRX suspension training, updated locker rooms, new entrance way floor tile and a new front desk.

To celebrate the grand reopening, there was a ribbon cutting ceremony with Maryland State Delegate Brenda Thiam and Jill Thompson, the director of community & economic development for the City of Hagerstown and the Washington County Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Washington County were presented a $1,000 check at the event.

The Baltimore Orioles mascot and Bob Rocks with WBHB 101.5 radio station joined the celebration, taking pictures and greeting guests. The Baltimore Oriole Bird also participated in a workout at the event, encouraging participants to join. There were giveaways and prizes for attendees, including a 65-inch smart TV; an Amazon Echo Show; an Apple Watch; and Baltimore Orioles/University of Maryland Terps game tickets and apparel. About 200 people attended the event.

“We were elated to celebrate the grand reopening of the Hagerstown club and being in the community for over 10 years with an expanded and fully renovated club,” said PFGP Chief Marketing Officer Josh Gerber. “The reception we received from the community was amazing, and it was so great to see all our members and the community thrilled with the improvements. It truly was a great day for Planet Fitness.”

Lynne Brick, president of PF Growth Partners LLC, holds the $1,000 check that was presented to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Washington County. Photo credit to Glenwood Jackson.