Bravo-Fit Showcases Offerings During Bite of Bend Event

In June, four Planet Fitness® employees gathered in Bend, Oregon, for the state’s largest food festival. The festival, now in its sixth year, runs a total of three days and celebrates the region’s distinct cuisine and culture.

The event prides itself in bringing tasting opportunities and hand-ons experiences together, and attendees can participate in a variety of activities such as chef demonstrations, a Top Chef competition and a 5K Beer Run. Those in attendance can also indulge in live music, a marketplace and “The Bites,” a collection of over 40 food vendors with trucks, carts and booths promoting their restaurant.

New this year was the Conscious Living Showcase, which highlighted vendors from various companies that promote health, wellness and nutrition, and Planet Fitness wanted to be a part of the action. Bravo-Fit, owned by franchisee Tanner Halton, set up a booth at the Conscious Living Showcase to expose Bend residents to all that Planet Fitness has to offer.

“This was an amazing experience,” said manager Kendall Haggard. “Bend is such a health-conscious town, so for us to be invited as the only fitness club at the entire event, it was truly an honor.”

Planet Fitness employees staffed the booth and were around to answer any questions the attendees had. They even had cornhole boards and cheered on those running in the 5K Beer Run.

“I think what makes us so perfect for an event like this is because how truly judgment free we really are,” said Haggard. “If you want to come up with funnel cake and play cornhole, then by all means, let’s play! Winner gets the rest of the funnel cake!”