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PF Anchor Management Group Celebrates Azalea Festival in North Carolina

In Wilmington, North Carolina, there is usually an entire Azalea Festival that turns into a community-wide celebration. Normally, this would be accompanied by garden parties, tours of homes with amazing gardens, concerts, a street festival, a parade and fireworks. However, COVID got in the way of the typical festivities, which had to be either canceled or postponed. Wilmington, though, was not to be deterred. To keep spirits up, a “porch parade” was arranged to celebrate the Azalea Festival safely, and Planet Fitness® clubs in the Anchor Management Group were happy to participate.

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PF Michigan Makes Tails Wag by Turning Old T-shirts Into Dog Toys

Planet Fitness franchise groups love finding ways to give back to their communities, and it is always a treat to see how creative PF team members get when they seek to make a difference. PF Michigan realized that they had a slew of old, outdated PF t-shirts, and they wanted to find a way to put them to good use.

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PLNTF Holdings Celebrates a Member’s Health Journey

Planet Fitness is all about helping people along their health and wellness journeys, and the brand has always been focused on creating a welcoming atmosphere where anyone can come to start their gym-going careers. Planet has always believed that it is important not to scare anyone away from being able to exercise and commit to their health.

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