Easy Mile Fitness Celebrates Club Opening in Bonita Springs

On Nov. 2, franchisees Peter and Phil Amato of Easy Mile Fitness celebrated the opening of a new club in Bonita Springs, Florida. This marks the “lucky number 13” of the group’s clubs, a noteworthy milestone.

In preparation for the Bonita Springs club opening, there was a lead-gen campaign to generate interest before the start of an online pre-sale event for two weeks. After that, the group operated four weeks of in-person presales.

“Permitting and construction schedules allowed us to operate our presale and tours in the club itself,” said Mike Paone, senior marketing manager for Easy Mile Fitness. “We were able to provide a better idea of physical distancing and address any concerns people might have by showing them the actual club.” Indeed, with COVID-19 still in full swing, the group decided against any sort of big opening day celebration and instead focused on providing the best possible member experience from the get-go.

Bonita Springs 3

Naturally, providing a great member experience includes having a top-notch facility. Planet Fitness Bonita Springs is roughly 20,000 square feet. It features 200 pieces of cardio and strength equipment as well as the latest tanning and massage facilities (including Total Body Enhancement machines). But of course, the amenities don’t stop there. The club also features a 30-minute Circuit Area as well as a large PF360 active area, complete with a 70” TV dedicated to providing workout videos for members.

In a way, the opening of the Bonita Springs represents more than just the launch of a new location. “Of course, 2020 has had its challenges so it is great for our team to be able to celebrate something! It was fun to see staff and managers from our nearby clubs step up to lend a hand to get everything done before we opened our doors,” Paone said. “As we continue to expand, it’s rewarding to see everybody come together as we continue to put the hardships of 2020 behind us.” He also noted that it is an “exciting (and busy) time” to be a part of Easy Mile Fitness, as the group has five clubs in various stages of development that it will be opening in 2021.

Bonita Springs

Easy Mile Fitness looks forward to strengthening its presence in Southwest Florida, recognizing that while people’s expectations for fitness are continuing to evolve, their health and wellness are a top priority (now more than ever). Easy Mile Fitness is happy to provide a fantastic and comfortable member experience, helping people achieve their fitness goals.