Easy Mile Fitness Makes Fitness Simple for Veteran and His Service Dog

Assisting those who have served their country is a priority for many across the Planet Fitness® franchisee community. One of Easy Mile Fitness’ members in Puerto Rico, George Campoamor, was badly injured during his time serving in Iraq in 2003 and in Afghanistan in 2010, leaving him with partial paraplegia, among other injuries. It has taken numerous operations for him to slowly recuperate.

In 2017, Campoamor became owner to his service dog, Mr. Jack Daniel’s. The Dachshund travels with Campoamor wherever he goes, including to work out at Planet Fitness. He trains in Bayamon Oeste and Manati, two of Easy Mile Fitness’ Puerto Rico clubs. Easy Mile Fitness has been welcoming to Campoamor and his service animal, making Campoamor feel loved and appreciated every time he steps into the gym.

“To come to Planet Fitness is a therapy for me. It is something that is gratifying, especially to see people who greet you and who smile when they see Mr. Jack Daniel’s. Mr. Jack Daniel’s brings joy, and when I come here, it makes me forget the condition I have,” Campoamor said.

While Campoamor works out, Mr. Jack Daniel’s keeps a watchful eye out and alerts his owner of potential convulsions. Once the dog alerts him, Campoamor is able to take medication to assist with the condition. The service dog has also been trained to detect low blood sugar in his owner.

Easy Mile Fitness makes access to its facilities easy for those who may have special needs like Campoamor to ensure the club favorite – and his furry friend – keep returning.