Easy Mile Fitness Opens New Club in Georgia

Opening new clubs means that the Planet Fitness® Judgement Free Zone® is becoming available to more people, and Easy Mile Fitness celebrated that when it opened a new location in Commerce, Georgia.

Opening a new club requires some creativity at times. Senior Marketing Manager for Easy Mile Fitness Mike Paone explained that the floorplan took a little bit of configuring. “The biggest challenge was that this was an atypical floorplan compared to the rest of our clubs,” he said. “It was a similar square footage, but due to the orientation of the club, we had to spend extra time with designing the layout.”

Nevertheless, the layout all came together in the end. The new facility is 20,000 square feet, and it holds over 100 pieces of Precor cardio equipment and a slew of strength training equipment. There is a dedicated area for the 30-Minute Circuit, and there is also a spacious training area that features ab and stretching equipment – it’s even equipped with 360XM and Rockbot televisions to display different exercises. The Black Card Spa includes a variety of standup and lie-down tanning units, Total Body Enhancement machines and a hybrid machine that does both. There are also elite massage chairs and four Hydromassage loungers.

To get the word out about the club opening, Easy Mile Fitness employed its tried-and-true marketing efforts during the presale and also did promotion through the Chamber of Commerce. The group marked the occasion of the club opening by having a live remote broadcast through a local radio station. The Chamber of Commerce also came by to do a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

It will be great to see the new club become part of its community as members join and become part of the Planet Fitness family!