Easy Mile Fitness Shows Holiday Spirit with Franchise-Wide Toy Drive

The holiday season is a time for celebration and spending time with friends and family, but it can also be a time of financial stress for many families. To ease the financial burden the holidays can cause, Easy Mile Fitness held a holiday drive in all its clubs, including 24 clubs in the United States and Canada and 17 clubs in Puerto Rico. The donated gifts included footballs, basketballs, toy cars, dolls, bikes, clothing, headphones, toy babies, toddler toys, educational toys, puzzles, action figures and board games. Additionally, one of Easy Mile Fitness’s employees gave a cash donation, which allowed the franchise to bring toys and presents to older kids, as most of the donated toys are geared toward younger kids.

The toy drive was a huge success as there were 1,100 gifts between Easy Mile Fitness’ clubs in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. The toys were donated to the local Boys and Girls Clubs in the respective markets. In addition, the baby and toddler gifts collected in the Puerto Rico clubs were donated to the local Head Start.

“It is one of the most anticipated club activities of the year. I enjoy all stages, from the atmosphere of generosity and empathy that our members show when bringing the toys to the day of the toy distribution, where we make each child feel recognized and appreciated,” said Lourdes Hernández, field operation manager at Easy Mile Fitness.

Easy Mile Fitness has held toy drives in its clubs for years, repeatedly spreading holiday cheer. The group’s U.S. clubs have been donating since 2017, while the Puerto Rico clubs have had a toy drive since 2019 and the Canada clubs have held a toy drive each year since 2022.

“The toy drive represents a magical way to build a bridge between Planet Fitness® and the children of our most needed communities. Our members and employees have the power to impact the community of which they are a part without realizing it,” said Human Resources Manager at Easy Mile Fitness Amanda Cintrón.