EPIC Fitness Finds Membership Magic with Team Contest

EPIC Fitness held a “March Magic” staff contest in March for all club staff. These contests encouraged team members to drive membership upgrades. For every upgrade achieved, the team member entered a contest form with their name, club, the agreement number of the upgrade and the raffle prize they wanted the entry to be submitted toward.

EPIC Fitness Director of Continuous Improvement Jess Mace used a name randomizer to draw winners. They had a variety of different winners, company-wide, from MSRs to GMs. Available prize options included a Traverse City trip; a $100 Muse Medical Spa certificate; a $100 Visa gift card; a helicopter ride over Detroit; Ninja kitchen appliances; signed Pistons’ memorabilia; a Stanley Quencher tumbler; Tigers opening day tickets and tailgating; Woodward Sports Winners Circle; and brunch with CEO Bryan Rief.

The staff contest resulted in big wins for EPIC Fitness. The franchise group found that 32% of its membership upgrades were directly related to the contest. Compared to 2019, the group saw an increase of more than 13% in upgrades. Additionally, the year-over-year increase in upgrades was greater than 22%. It’s safe to say the March Magic contest was a huge success for the franchise.

“March Magic was made possible by the buzz out in the field, the daily updating of the leaderboard sheet to keep results real-time, a diverse array of contest prizes and unique email campaign efforts by marketing, all with some rewards sprinkled in by way of EPIC Rewards and surprise coffee deliveries from corporate staff to top performing clubs and employees. This March was ‘magic’ because everyone was involved, from corporate to MSRs,” said Mace.