Excel Fitness Brings Appreciation to a New Level for Their Members and Team

Lately, Excel Fitness has been all about showing appreciation for both their club members and their team members. They conducted a Member Appreciation Week as well as an Employee Appreciation Week. The Member Appreciation Week took place from Nov. 2-8, and the Employee Appreciation Week took place from Nov. 9-16. It was an appropriate time to host these events given that Thanksgiving, which is all about showing gratitude, is at the end of November.

The Member Appreciation Week ran from Monday to Sunday, and each day featured a special event or treat for members. At the end of the week, there was a raffle for a free membership; one check-in was equal to one entry into the raffle. Each day was something different and fun with a neat name to match.

Mobile Monday kicked things off and members could get an additional four entries into the raffle for the free year membership just by checking in with the PF® mobile app. This served the dual purpose of giving people higher chances of winning the raffle and raising awareness of the app and its capabilities. Turkey Tuesday meant that each check-in gave the member an entry to a raffle to win a $50 Thanksgiving dinner gift card to a local grocery store. On Wellness Wednesday, there was double massage time for Black Card® members as well as a 5-punch voucher for Classic members to use Black Card amenities. Thirsty Thursday allowed members to get 50% off all drinks from the cooler – including items that aren’t typically discounted, like Muscle Milk. This is usually quite a hit, according to Brandon Sebald, regional director, and Chris Epper, vice president of marketing. On Freebie Friday, the first 100 members to check in got a PF swag item.

The week ended with Weekend Warriors Saturday and Sunday, when Classic Card members could bring a guest for free and Black Card members could bring an unlimited number of guests – so, in effect, they could bring their whole family!

The goal of the Member Appreciation Week was to encourage members to come into the club and be active, and it provided an ideal opportunity to show members the new safety measures being taken due to the pandemic. It was also a way for the group to share their thanks for the dedication of their members, keep their members engaged with fun activities, and remind them why they chose Planet Fitness® in the first place, said Epper and Sebald.

But of course, the appreciation didn’t stop there!

Employee Appreciation Week for Excel Fitness unfolded from Nov. 9 – 16. Each employee was presented with a booklet of six coupons, and each coupon featured a bit of fun. There was one coupon that employees could redeem for a 60-minute break, a coupon they could redeem to assign their general or assistant manager a task, a coupon for casual dress day (allowing the employee to wear jeans), and a coupon for a free drink from the cooler. In addition, there was a coupon for an employee meal provided by the company. To top it all off, there was a raffle for an employee to win a free PTO day.

It was an opportunity to thank the team for the hard work they’ve been putting in amid the difficulties and stress of the pandemic, said Epper and Sebald, who wanted to acknowledge their team’s positive attitude and continued efforts. It was the first year for the group to run this event, and the initial response they got was promising. There was a lot of excitement as the coupon booklets were distributed.

Appreciation matters, which is why Excel Fitness wanted to recognize how crucial both their club members and team members have been throughout the pandemic.