GNT Holdings Partners With Habitat for Humanity and Celebrates a Successful Year

For the second time this year, GNT Holdings helped build homes with Habitat for Humanity. This is the fourth year in a row that GNT Holdings has taken time out of their busy schedule to install siding and flashing, lay down tile and help out in whatever way they can to build houses for those in need.

“Volunteering is the ultimate demonstration of community and being the change you want to see,” said Megan Beaver, regional manager with GNT Holdings. “You focus all your energy not on fighting the old but building the new. Planet Fitness® can do things Habitat cannot do. Habitat can do things Planet Fitness cannot do. But together, we are doing great things to build a bigger Judgement Free Generation®.”

Fifteen volunteers from GNT Holdings stepped up to the plate and learned new skills for building homes – skills they can use around their own homes!

“I enjoyed volunteering with Habitat,” said Kristy Jones, club manager of the Winston Salem Peters Creek location. “I really believe in Habitat for Humanity’s purpose and viewed this as a blessing to serve others. I loved the fact that we were completely selfless in this moment. We worked together, combined skills, acquired new ones and encouraged each other the entire time! The whole experience was pretty awesome, not to mention my team, in particular, are basically pros at installing tile, so call GNT when you need assistance. I’m looking forward to many more opportunities with Habitat!”

But building houses with Habitat for Humanity was not the only team-building activity the company has participated in recently. Earlier this year, the group held a celebration at GoPro to honor and acknowledge all of the hard work GNT Holdings and its staff put in during the beginning of the year. “We have had a great year so far, and this event was simply to celebrate getting through the busy season,” said Janess Reyna, marketing director for GNT Holdings. “We feel like the work-hard, play-hard mentality really describes our organization. During our busy season, we work long, hard hours to ensure that our members receive the best possible experience. Once things slow down, we really like to take the opportunity to celebrate those successes.”

The celebration included lunch catered by Moe’s, a state of the union update from Director of Operations Andrew Watkins and franchisee Gerald Kennedy, and go-kart racing.

“The GoPro event was amazing,” said Watkins. “We work really hard all year and had an amazing peak season! Being able to go out during a workday to celebrate an awesome peak season – and, really, an awesome 2017 – is what it’s all about, and what better way to celebrate than by getting on some go-karts that go 55 mph and trying to beat the owner of the company?”