Houston Fitness Partners Promotes Women’s Health and Fitness

At Planet Fitness®, the goal is to keep members healthy and happy with an emphasis on fitness – that includes recognizing specific days, weeks and months throughout the year that spotlight the importance of exercise to overall health and well-being. Houston Fitness Partners recently celebrated National Women’s Health and Fitness Day on Sept. 28. The day is set aside to promote health awareness and fitness for all women.

To mark the occasion, Houston Fitness Partners invited female club members to bring a female guest with them to any one of its 34 Planet Fitness locations in the Houston area. The offer was extended to all female members regardless of membership type and allowed the women to celebrate together and encourage each other on their fitness journeys.

Houston Fitness Partners set out to use the day to promote awareness of health and fitness among the female segment of its membership, and while this was the franchise group’s first time celebrating the holiday, it hopes to continue to recognize the day in future years.