Jost ADK Location Recognized for Supporting Community

Earlier this year, Jost ADK’s Lakewood, Colorado, location received the 2017 West Colfax MOMENTUM award. This was the West Colfax Lately Luncheon’s third year for the award ceremony but the first year Planet Fitness® has been recognized.

Sponsored by the West Colfax Community Association (WCCA), the award goes to two area businesses that have contributed to the ongoing renaissance of the historic West Colfax corridor.

“West Colfax is kind of under redevelopment. It’s been an undervalued area that now has some focus to it. The shopping center we are in and the surrounding area has undergone a huge redevelopment, and we really bought into the vision of the landlord for that center,” said Jonny Jost, franchisee with Jost ADK. “We bought in and took a chance on that shopping center, and it’s starting to really pay dividends. We got a part of that momentum early on, and that’s kind of what we were recognized for with this award.”

In addition of PF®, WestFax Brewing Co. also received a MOMENTUM award, and Maddie Nichols and Kathi Hasfjord received the LEGEND award.

“We are very honored to receive this distinctive award and to represent the West Colfax community,” said the PF Colfax team. “We are excited to continue growing with this revitalizing community.”

The entire Colfax leadership team attended the awards ceremony, which was held at the Lakewood Country Club. The event featured live music from Jonny “Colfax” Barber and even a West Colfax-themed game show.

“We attribute our success to the people that work in the club and the teamwork that they have, along with the members that really embrace the club,” said Jost. “When we come into an area, especially an area like this, we want Planet Fitness to be an asset to the community and create happier, healthier lives. In this community, the members really embraced us, and they look at that club like it’s a beloved park in their community. They protect it, and they protect our team.”