PFIFC was established to provide an organized voice for franchisees that will create more balance in the Planet Fitness franchise relationship in a way to ensure franchisees and our franchisor meet and obtain common goals and interests. It also provides stability while navigating an ever-changing corporate structure.


PFIFC advocates for and negotiates on behalf of all franchisees. For example, the Legal Committee, in conjunction with PFIFC legal counsel, annually negotiates with the corporation to obtain franchisee-friendly changes to the Franchise Agreement (FA) and Area Development Agreement (ADA). These changes significantly enhance value for both PF franchisees and the Planet Fitness brand. In addition, our annual survey, conducted in partnership with an independent third-party survey firm, helps us benchmark system sentiment and guides the advocacy agenda of the Council.


The strength and effectiveness of the organization is directly related to franchisee participation. PFIFC provides an instant community of PF franchisees with whom you can share best practices, bounce ideas off of or simply pose a question. Whether it’s networking at the PFIFC Franchisee Convention; learning what’s happening with your fellow franchisees by reading Geared Up; reading the weekly Pulse; or engaging in discussion on the members-only website portal at, the Council provides multiple ways for you to connect with and learn from your peers.


PFIFC’s vision is to be the catalyst for sustainable growth of the PF brand. Our mission, “to preserve and enhance the business interests of all Planet Fitness franchisees and to collaborate with the franchisor to improve brand equity for all stakeholders,” is driven by our guiding principles of collaboration, transparency and value creation. PFIFC is working on several initiatives to enhance franchisee equity focused around our themes of innovation and alignment. The PFIFC has commissioned six Brand Operating Committees consisting of Club Operations, Enterprise Value, Marketing, Member Engagement, Store Development and Vendor Management.

Additional benefits of membership include, but are not limited to:

• Regular email communications on Council matters, the weekly Pulse, and a quarterly member magazine, Geared Up.
• A Franchisee Equity Fund for professional services and activities consistent with the Council’s purpose, which benefit all members.
• Education on issues important to your business through a variety of channels to suit your learning preferences (e.g., print, online, webinars, etc.).
• Invitation to the PFIFC Franchisee Convention.
• One hour of complimentary legal counsel per ownership group on franchise relationship issues every six months through PFIFC’s chief legal counsel, Dady & Gardner.
• Access to member-only portions of the PFIFC website, which house useful business documents.