Monterosso Group Team Member Goes Above and Beyond to Improve Member Experience

It can be difficult for a person with a disability to feel comfortable at a gym, which is why Planet Fitness® strives to maintain a non-intimidating Judgement Free Zone® in each club. When PF® team members become aware of a member who may need assistance, they often step in to help, even going above and beyond to ensure an amazing member experience for everyone.

Joining the Monterosso Group in June, Keegan Moore quickly embodied the spirit of the JFZ. When he noticed a frequent guest was hearing impaired, Moore decided to take action to make the member feel at home. Devoted to his job and goal, Moore spent time outside of work watching YouTube videos and doing research to learn a number of greetings in American Sign Language. Now, he signs greetings and goodbyes to the member, putting the customer at ease.

“I felt that everyone deserves to be heard and that by learning some American Sign Language, I could be a friend and talk to him in a world where he probably doesn’t always have the easiest experiences interacting and communicating with people in public settings,” said Moore.

The Monterosso Group location has about 8,210 members, but Moore sought to make a difference in this one member’s life. The decision to help this club member was simply because Moore wanted to help. Small acts of kindness like this always go a long way toward helping improve the member experience.