National Fitness Partners Arranges Clean-Up Events in Delaware, Philadelphia

Volunteering is not always glamourous. Sometimes it means getting dirty and doing extremely tiring work. However, this type of volunteer work can be some of the most rewarding.

National Fitness Partners arranged several clean-up events in the Northeast this spring. On April 1, Sussex County, Delaware, was hit by an EF-3 tornado that wreaked havoc on the town. Since the tornado was a 3 out of 5 on the Enhanced Fujita scale, there was extensive damage, and the community desperately needed help. Partnering with United Way of Delaware (UWDE), the franchise group’s staff members stepped in to lend a helping hand over two days in April. The volunteers went to various sites in the county to help clean up debris left by the tornado. In total, 10 Planet Fitness® employees stepped in to help.

“When natural disaster strikes so close to home, it can be pretty alarming and intense, but the beautiful thing about PF® and what we were able to do for multiple days with UWDE was give back to our local members, neighbors, friends and families,” said General Manager of Planet Fitness Seaford Amanda Reed. “We were able to not only have a positive impact on our community but have a sizeable positive impact on our community when our community truly and desperately needed it. The best part was that our volunteer days with UWDE brought together PF team members of all locations and backgrounds — we had managers, support staff, front desk team members and even relatives of PF team members. Some drove a few minutes and some drove a couple of hours just to fill a need. The most difficult of situations brought out the best in people when it was most needed.”

National Fitness Partners didn’t stop there with its clean-up efforts. On April 20, several of NFP’s assistant general managers, general managers and support staff volunteered to pick up trash at Subaru Park in Chester, Pennsylvania. The event was arranged through the Philadelphia Union’s Volunteer Program, U-Serve. The Philadelphia Union is a professional soccer club based in the metro Philadelphia area. U-Serve is the teams’ volunteer program where people receive exclusive Philadelphia Union experiences and prizes in exchange for volunteer hours with local and national organizations.

On March 23, the franchise group’s staff members also visited Killens Pond State Park in Felton, Delaware, to help clean up the park and lay down new mulch. Area Director for National Fitness Partners Dominique States and several of her GMs and AGMs visited the park to help.

“Unfortunately, it did rain, but that didn’t stop this team from getting everything done! We laid mulch on two playgrounds and walked the picnic area and picked up the trash. We had a great time working together and then headed out to lunch to catch up with everyone,” States said. 

Nine volunteers from National Fitness Partners helped to clean up Killens Pond State Park in Felton, Delaware.