National Fitness Partners Celebrates International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day presents an opportunity to celebrate women and their strength and accomplishments, and National Fitness Partners wanted to recognize the “girl power” within their organization. They decided to shine a light on the amazing women who help keep NFP running. After all, it is important to show people that you appreciate them, care about them and see the work they do.

To recognize International Women’s Day, National Fitness Partners created a Kudoboard for people to share notes, photos, messages and well wishes. The group created the board so that the women in their organization could have their moment to be recognized and thanked; it was shared with the entire company so that everyone had the opportunity to send their love and appreciation to their teammates.

“It was a simple way to let our team members know they are appreciated and empower them to continue being strong leaders today and every day!” said Jenny Iorfida, marketing project manager for National Fitness Partners. And if the amount of participation is any indication, there are plenty of wonderful women to be celebrated within NFP – and plenty of people ready to share their gratitude and leave heartfelt messages.