National Fitness Partners Impacts Local Community with Feast of Justice

With the cost of food continuing to rise, hunger is a real issue for many families in the United States. Last year, 49 million people turned to food banks and community programs to help feed their families, according to Feeding America. In its Philadelphia market, National Fitness Partners made a big impact by volunteering with Feast of Justice, a food bank the area. The food bank is set up like a grocery store, so families can come in and select the food they want. The organization helps feed over 500 families a week.

NFP volunteered with Feast of Justice food bank throughout 2023, including time in March, September and October. The franchise group plans to continue its volunteer efforts with Feast of Justice in 2024.

“Volunteering for Feast of Justice allowed me to see the important work this organization does. Feast of Justice has a huge impact on the people they serve simply through packing, moving and providing food for those in need. I find extreme gratification to be able to do this for others in the community that I live and work in. I encourage anyone that can volunteer to do so,” said Cris Crespo, general manager of Planet Fitness® Cottman Avenue (Philadelphia).