National Fitness Partners Participates in Habitat for Humanity Build

Planet Fitness® franchisees love getting involved in the community, and they certainly aren’t afraid of a little hard work. In July, nine general managers, regional managers and support staff went out to volunteer at a Habitat for Humanity build in High Point, North Carolina. They participated in the construction of a new home for a low-income family.

“We have been working with Habitat for many years now,” said Andrew Watkins, Carolina regional director for National Fitness Partners. “Our goal has always been to be part of our communities and to give back.”

He went on to explain that rather than being seen as the “big corporate gym in town,” NFP wants their clubs to be seen as a true part of the community – and Habitat for Humanity allows them to do just that. “We felt that it allowed us to not only make an impact in the community but change the lives of the individuals that will be moving into a new home soon.”

Watkins also explained that the Habitat for Humanity builds allow NFP’s team members to know that they are part of an organization that gives back. “Doing Habitat builds allows our team members to directly make an impact,” he said.

In fact, Watkins noted that the team enjoys these builds so much that people frequently ask when the next one will be. “Honestly, I feel our teams love the satisfaction of doing something good for someone else and the community – the warm and fuzzies.” A bonus is team members can learn trade skills they might be able to use on their own homes someday!

“A recent highlight, and a flattering moment, is that the High Point Habitat for Humanity asked us to be regulars to all their builds in the future,” Watkins shared. “They love our work, reliability and passion for helping.”

For Watkins, the highlights from these Habitat for Humanity builds are the memories, laughs and skills that he’s taken with him. He explained that he has hundreds of pictures dating back from the first Habitat for Humanity build the group did about eight years ago. It is a way to give back and say “thank you” to the community, which has supported Planet Fitness and allowed so many friendships to be formed.

“There is not a better feeling in the world than doing something good for your fellow neighbor,” Watkins said. “We have regularly received feedback from employees saying that it is nice to work for a company that cares and gives back. We want to assure our teammates that will always be the case while they work for NFP.”

Naturally, the plan is to do many more of these Habitat for Humanity builds in the future!