National Fitness Partners Participates in Superhero Event to Support Anti-Bullying

Planet Fitness® was built around the idea of being judgement-free, so it only makes sense that franchisees would stand behind anti-bullying efforts. And that is exactly what National Fitness Partners did when they decided to be a part of Capital Rebirth’s fourth annual Anti-Bullying Superhero Day!

The Superhero Day took place in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, in October. The day was filled with fun activities, and it all kicked off with a city-wide parade of superheroes. Following the parade was an all-out festival, complete with 16 superheroes! There was free fried chicken and pizza meals to provide delicious sustenance to festivalgoers. The festival also included face-painting, live music and entertainment, and a variety of vendors.

National Fitness Partners set up a booth with membership information, day passes, career information, and a raffle for a one-year Black Card membership. There was also a prize wheel where kids could spin to get a special gift – for example, puzzles, coloring books, bubbles, PF® wristbands, PF T-shirts, frisbees and so on. All prizes were in either PF purple and yellow or a superhero theme, of course! All in all, there was a ton of fun activities for kids at the festival.

In the spirit of the day, NFP’s volunteers donned purple capes and face masks – the team became the Judgement-Free Superheroes! Even though it was rainy, that did not stop everyone from having a grand time.

“NFP prides itself on being a community partner, and we were thrilled to be a part of the local event and support Capital Rebirth in their anti-bullying efforts,” said Melisa Barrick, community relations manager for National Fitness Partners.

Taking a stand against bullying aligns with PF’s vision of creating Judgement Free Zones® in every single gym. Being a superhero doesn’t necessarily mean having superpowers – it can be as simple as making an effort to celebrate kindness.