National Fitness Partners Raises Money for Mental Health Awareness

The pandemic put a lot of stress on everyone, and because of that, many people reflected on mental health and the difficulties that can be presented by mental illness. A lot of people found themselves experiencing depression and anxiety due to the isolation of quarantine and the overall strain and worries of the pandemic.

National Fitness Partners (NFP) decided to take the opportunity to raise awareness and support for mental health; it ran a fundraising campaign in all 97 clubs in May. The campaign featured displays explaining the fundraiser and giving information about Mental Health America, the organization to which the donations were headed.

Mental Health America is a group that focuses on educating people about mental health and making it easier for people to access the treatment and resources they need. According to the website, its mission also includes helping with the prevention of mental illness as well as promoting early identification and intervention measures. Those who donated were entered into a raffle to win a free one-year Black Card membership.

In the end, the franchise group raised an impressive $21,175 for Mental Health America!

Many people enjoy exercising to alleviate the difficulties mental health issues can cause and improve their overall wellness. “My husband, a nurse, just rejoined Planet Fitness®,” said Victoria Renard, vice president of development for Mental Health America. “It’s helping his mental health as he deals with the stress of this last year, including having contracted COVID from the patients he was helping. Being able to work out and lift weights is such a mental release for him. I am so grateful he has Planet Fitness.”

A lot of people struggle with their mental health, which makes awareness campaigns like the ones run by NFP so important. And it’s vital to remember that exercise isn’t just about physical health; it can help relieve stress and improve overall well-being, which includes mental health. It’s great to see Planet Fitness clubs working to support mental health initiatives.