National Fitness Partners Supports Local Communities With Donation Drives

During the holiday season, National Fitness Partners wanted to do something to make a difference and help those who were in need at the end of what was a difficult 2020. To support their local communities, they rallied their employees and members to participate in donation drives.

The donation drives collected both food items and toys that would go to people who needed them. National Fitness Partners partnered with a local food bank and Toys for Tots for each of their clubs, which are located around Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina and Delaware, to complete their mission of helping those in need and spreading holiday cheer.

“Our members and employees really enjoyed being able to give back to their communities and had a lot of fun with it!” said Jenna Iorfida, marketing project manager for National Fitness Partners. The group wanted to give a bit of an incentive to get their members to participate, so each person who contributed to support the donation drives was entered into a raffle to win a free six-month Black Card membership – an initiative that turned into a big success.

“2020 was a tough year for everyone, but our team members did their best to keep the holiday spirit alive in our clubs and worked hard to stay involved with their communities!” Iorfida said.

It is crucial to support the community and those in need when times are tough, and National Fitness Partners demonstrated a real commitment to giving back with these donation drives. The holidays are meant to be a time of cheer, joy and happiness, and these efforts to support local communities helped bring that to people who needed it.