Ohana Growth Partners’ Employee Shows Resilience and Determination

On Sept. 13, 2010, Saeed Sharif’s life completely changed. While working as a crew chief with an armored truck company, he was shot in the face. The injury led to the loss of his right eye. After the tragedy, Sharif did not work for about two years while he healed from the physical and mental trauma.

When he decided to get back into the workforce, he looked for a night job that would allow him to take his son to and from school. Sharif’s search led him to Ohana Growth Partners’ Planet Fitness® Ellicott City, Maryland, location as an overnight service desk employee. While working at PF® at night, he was able to be there for his son during the day.

“Working nights gave me the freedom to take my son to and from school, also to be involved with field trips as well. When he was in middle school, I got the opportunity to get back into coaching football at Laurel High School. The football field is where my heart is. I love passing on my knowledge to young men not only on the field but off it as well,” said Sharif.

In 2022, Sharif decided he needed to make a change in his fitness journey because he had gained weight and wanted to make sure he was healthy for his son. He started working out at Planet Fitness and watching what he was eating at the beginning of 2022. Now, he has lost close to 100 pounds and recently undertook the 75 Hard Challenge. His next goal is to get down to 225 pounds. He has found the benefits of exercise to be never-ending, as he now has much more energy and focus and can be fully present as a parent. He has been recognized for his hard work and perseverance at Planet Fitness and was promoted to general manager in September 2022.

“I can’t tell you how proud of Saeed I am as his manager. From seeing him almost seven years ago and where he is now – what a positive change! I have seen him be able to share his story with members to encourage them, and he can relate with some of the struggles they have. I truly value him as a person, a manager and an inspiration to those he comes in contact with,” said Brian Hoffman, regional manager with Ohana Growth Partners.

Saeed Sharif didn’t let a horrible event change his life forever. Instead, he worked hard at Planet Fitness and works to be there for his son every day.