Ohana Growth Partners Hits the Target With Colorful Team-Building Activity

Having a strong, tightknit team in place plays an important role to a company’s success. For Ohana Growth Partners, strengthening the teams’ bond included a colorful, outdoor adventure at the ER Paintball Park in Hollywood, Florida.

Regional Director Ray Hagler and General Manager Leah Shields organized the four-game series of paintball for the Ohana Growth Partners Florida leadership team, which included territory general managers, assistant general managers, fitness trainers, high-performing team leads and senior leadership. About 25 team members competed in the team building activity.

The group protected the president, captured the flag twice and protected four corners. This activity focused on communication, trust and collaboration to work past fear and obstacles to reach a team goal. After the paintball competition, the group rested and recharged with a team meal at a local waterfront restaurant.

“It was very unifying for our group to come together and bond,” Shields said.

Ohana’s annual team-building activity changes location and theme every year. Planning is underway for next year’s event, which is rumored to be an aqua challenge.