P-Fit Development Puts Teams to the Test With Group Event

When a team member enjoys going to work and has a strong relationship with their co-workers, they tend to stay in a position longer, leading many businesses to identify opportunities to cultivate a positive work environment. P-Fit Development saw the perfect chance to bring together managers for a bit of team-building this summer.

In August, the franchise group took time out to bring 11 members of its team – general managers and two members of the executive team – for a day of activities geared toward strengthening their bond. Hosted by Group Dynamix in Carrollton, Texas, the event included several different types of puzzles and challenges that P-Fit Development had to work together to solve within a specific time frame. The purpose of the team-building event was to give the GMs a chance to work together and to increase communication and trust within the team.

P-Fit Development’s general managers and executive team met for a team building event in Carrollton, Texas.

After the exercises, the company gave a debrief to help relate back to the franchise’s core values and what that might look like inside the clubs.

“Something I learned from this is you can’t do everything on your own. Things get done better as a team. Everyone has different ideas, and there’s more than one option to get things done. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind or opinion because it might work out,” said Vanessa Torres, general manager of the Columbia Avenue location.

P-Fit Development looks forward to hosting future team-building events with Group Dynamix and trying new challenges!