PCV Holding Co. Participates in Boys & Girls Club Staff Event

Franchisees at Planet Fitness® are always happy to support the Boys & Girls Club and the organization’s staff. PCV Holding Co. participated in the Boys & Girls Club of Fresno’s yearly staff kick-off event, “The Great Comeback Central Valley Conference.” On July 27-28, the 11th annual Central Valley Conference was held by the Boys & Girls Clubs of Fresno and Sequoias in Fresno. At the conference, there were more than 120 Boys & Girls Club youth development professionals, who attended 30 educational and training workshops.

As part of the event, PCV Holding facilitated the workshop “Encourages the Establishment of a Healthy Lifestyle,” in which Planet Fitness team members discussed the importance of creating healthy habits of diet and exercise. PCV Holding Director of Operations Brian Cassagio and trainers Ilya Silva and Devon Fang led the discussion in the two-hour session. The Boys & Girls Club staff who attended the workshop left the session with a designed plan to add fitness to their lives.

PCV Holding Co. joined more than 120 Boys & Girls Club youth development professionals at the organization’s yearly staff kick-off event in July.

PCV Holding Co. was excited to participate in the conference. Over the past five years, the franchise group has supported the Boys & Girls Club of Fresno County in many ways, such as a March Madness basketball game and building a Mini Judgement Free Zone® at one of the Boys & Girls Club locations. At the March Madness game, PCV Holding hosted a tournament with four teams made up of PF® staff and members of the Boys & Girls Club. The night included games, prizes, food and drinks.

The Boys & Girls Club expressed appreciation for PCV Holding and its participation in the conference. Next year, the conference will be in Visalia, California, and PCV Holding is already making plans for that event as well.