PF Baseline Fitness Recognizes Team Member Rudy Retamoza

Planet Fitness® prides itself on having team members who are committed and dedicated to their jobs, and they go about recognizing stellar employees in different ways. Recently, PF Baseline Fitness presented one of its Fargo, North Dakota, team members, Rudy Retamoza, with a Core Values Coin.

“Core Values Coins are given out sparingly by members of upper management to team members who live Baseline Fitness’ core values of teamwork, ownership and passion,” said Crystal Swanson, director of human resources for PF Baseline Fitness. “Rudy is a shining example of someone who lives these core values, day in and day out, which is why he was selected for this honor.”

Swanson went on to explain that team members who receive a Core Values Coin are entered into the company’s Employee Recognition Program, where PF Baseline Fitness recognizes team members who go above and beyond their job description to help drive the mission of the company. Recognition winners are voted upon quarterly, and they have the opportunity to win a variety of prizes such as gift cards, bonuses and lunch with a member of the executive team. The grand prize winner of the year receives an all-expense paid trip for two to an all-inclusive resort.

It is not a surprise that Retamoza was chosen to receive a Core Values Coin. He regularly covers open shifts to help the team, and he takes responsibility for ensuring the gym is clean for members. On one occasion when the club found itself short-staffed, Retamoza went into work at 5 a.m. before the gym opened to vacuum and make sure the club was clean – and he did this without being asked! Retamoza also took it upon himself to plan a team get-together outside of work so everyone could get to know each other better. He even invited team members from a neighboring club.

Retamoza is also dedicated to providing an excellent member experience. He recently transferred locations on short notice just to help the company, and he has already mastered the names of many of the members at his new location. Planet Fitness members from Retamoza’s old club even changed locations so they could continue to see him. “I care about all my friends and family – the members, too. I want them all to know that I am always there for them,” Retamoza said.

Retamoza is always smiling and building relationships with members to give them a truly wonderful experience every time they walk into the club. “My favorite part of being a PF® team member is being able to talk to members and connect with them. I love hearing their stories and achievements,” he said. Another highlight of the job for Retamoza is the people he gets to work with. “I have a very positive team working with me, and it’s all thanks to our manager, Tracy Jerald. He goes above and beyond for all our staff and club members, too. We have a great team lead, Jordan Parsons, and an amazing trainer, Michael Hunt-Walters, as well.”

Retamoza explained that he likes to live life to the fullest. “Every day is a new day to get better,” he said, adding that he likes what Planet Fitness has to offer to both staff and club members. “I have been able to meet some amazing people working here. I love being around my PF members and friends. They make me want to be a better person overall. They are my biggest support system. I don’t know what I’d do without them.”