PF Houston Donates Equipment to Local School

In December, PF Houston made an impact for one of the schools in their area. They donated equipment and décor to the Pro-Vision Academy so they could complete their weight room, which is now a Mini Judgement-Free Zone®. The equipment included dumbbell racks, Smith machines, upright bikes, adjustable benches, and flat benches among many other pieces.

Pro-Vision, which was established in 1990, is a charter school in the Sunnyside area of Houston. Pro-Vision was originally established as an afterschool program, but it grew into a multi-faceted educational approach that now includes their charter school (Pro-Vision Academy) and several supplemental and developmental programs for students.

The partnership between PF Houston and Pro-Vision began in 2018 when co-owners Scott Sanders and Jon Evans were introduced to the organization by ESPN commentator and former NBA coach Jeff Van Gundy. Sanders, Evans and several key members of PF Houston visited the campus in 2019, and the partnership began with a promise to build a Mini Judgement-Free Zone.

Manager of Marketing and Communications for PF Houston Abby Belaire explained that Roynell Young established Pro-Vision to inspire young people by providing academic, economic and social opportunities. “We supported and connected with the mission, programs and outreach that Pro-Vision fostered,” she said. The Mini Judgement-Free Zone project was completed in December.

Having a safe, judgment-free place to exercise is important for students. There are many mental, emotional and physical benefits to exercise, and these kids will now be able to utilize their new exercise room. “The Mini Judgement-Free Zone we created for them will help youth and residents in the community stay active and healthy for years to come!” said Belaire. She also enthused that Pro-Vision had talked about opening the Mini Judgement-Free Zone to senior citizens as well as students in the area.

Building the Mini Judgement-Free Zone is not the only way PF Houston has supported Pro-Vision. “We also provided pizzas to students and their families during the time our clubs were closed as a result of COVID, and in September, we made a $1,000 donation, which was split among nine families impacted by COVID-19,” Belaire said. “We will always be here to offer a helping hand when needed!”

It is always uplifting to see a Planet Fitness® group reach out to make a lasting difference in their communities. Planet Fitness franchise groups don’t just want to be present – they want to be a true part of the community, an active participant working to make life a little better for the people around them. And PF Houston’s involvement with Pro-Vision is a prime example of that.