PF Houston Opens Two New Locations

Deciding to open new clubs during a global pandemic is not simple or easy. COVID gave PF Houston pause as they considered the openings of their two newest clubs. They wanted to preserve cash in this unprecedented time, monitor consumer sentiment, and make smart decisions considering the imposition of capacity limits that created operational challenges. Ultimately, the group made the difficult decision to open both Spring Cypress and NW Crossing, but they pushed the openings as far out as possible from their original dates.  

Spring Cypress was the 25th location for PF Houston, and it was the first club the group had a presale and opening for since the pandemic began. They ran a brief presale for four weeks leading up to the club’s opening on Nov. 2, 2020.

“Pre-COVID, the club was set to open in June 2020. We tried to delay as long as possible since COVID is still very prevalent, but we ultimately made the decision to open in November,” said PF Houston’s Manager of Marketing and Communications, Abby Belaire.

The group delayed the opening of their 26th location, NW Crossing, to Jan. 1, 2021 – it was initially set for July 2020. They ran an online-only presale rather than a physical presale so they would not be gathering people in close proximity. In addition to the construction delays that happened due to COVID, the group faced permitting issues and operational challenges with the club.

The pandemic caused hiccups, delays and challenges that PF Houston had never experienced before, but with the clubs now open, the group is prepared to offer members a clean, safe, judgement-free environment where they can work out and prioritize fitness.