PF Houston Provides Hundreds of Meals to Community

During the COVID-19 pandemic, PF Houston, owned by franchisees Scott Sanders and Jon Evans, decided to continue classic Planet Fitness® traditions through its club closures. While typical Pizza Monday and Bagel Tuesday festivities were momentarily put on hold, PF Houston brought these treats to workers on the front lines.  

Each Tuesday in April, bagels were distributed to 13 different police stations in the Houston area. PF® staff reached out to Panera Bread locations, which sent delivery drivers to each station. This method allowed for the clubs to do something meaningful while still following social-distancing guidelines. 

In addition to bagels, the company also continued its pizza tradition by passing out pizza to members of the community. On April 20, PF Houston arranged a delivery of over 250 pizzas to Houston Methodist Hospital in the Texas Medical Center. The pizzas fed more than 1,000 hospital staff members, including nurses, doctors and administrators.  

“We wanted to do our part to show our appreciation and sincere thanks to those in our community in critical service roles,” said Abby Belaire, marketing communications coordinator for PF Houston. “We have received a lot of positive and appreciative feedback through emails and thank-you notes from both the police stations and hospital.” 

The company also showed its support to students at Pro-Vision High School who have had their academic year cut short due to the pandemic. The school set up a drive-thru for students and their families to pick up pizzas paid for by Planet Fitness, feeding about 60 families.  

The school also hosted a virtual ceremony to celebrate seniors’ accomplishments, and PF Houston provided pizza to 80 seniors for this event. “Planet Fitness Houston is excited that we can give these students some sort of normalcy during these times,” said Belaire. “Senior year is such a memorable year, and we are happy to help in any way that we can.”