PF Midwest Partners With Ability to Thrive in Ohio

PF Midwest’s Planet Fitness® club in Fairfield, Ohio, has created a special partnership with Ability to Thrive, a nonprofit organization creating opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities to learn new skills. Ability to Thrive’s programs also promote self-empowerment, self-reliance, fitness and fun, which aligns perfectly with Planet Fitness’ Judgement Free Zone®.  

The partnership began in January 2018 when Ability to Thrive’s founder approached Brandon Cliffe, regional sales manager for PF Midwest, and explained what the program provides for adults with special needs and how the group was seeking a location for guests to exercise several times a week. “We, as a group, felt compelled to not only open our doors, but provide them all with heavily discounted rates to make it as affordable as possible,” said Mike Hamilton and John Clancy, PF Midwest franchisees.  

Ability to Thrive’s fitness and wellness program helps participants stay in physical shape, increase self-esteem and improve social skills. Longtime members regularly comment on friendships they have formed with Ability to Thrive’s members and how gratifying it is to see those members not only dramatically improve the physical shape they are in, but also communicate much more freely and confidently with staff and members. 

“I can’t say enough about how mutually beneficial this partnership has been for our Planet Fitness family and the Ability to Thrive members,” Hamilton said. “Our trainer, Natalie, has gotten to know each by name and is aware of each member’s goals they are working toward.”   

PF Midwest hopes to expand the program over the next few years to include several additional locations. The partnership has allowed the organization to truly live out what the Planet Fitness brand stands for. “We are the judgement-free family,” said Hamilton. “This embodies what our brand stands for as a whole.”