PLNTF Attends BGCA South Alabama Youth of the Year Luncheon

The five finalists for the South Alabama Youth of the Year Award smile big at the camera.

Planet Fitness® has partnered up with Boys & Girls Clubs across the country to give back, as PF® has awarded over $250,000 in scholarships just this year. Since 2017, Planet Fitness has granted a total of $900,000 in scholarships to youth.

To show its appreciation for Planet Fitness’ generosity, members of the PLNTF Holdings South Alabama PF team were invited to attend the Boys & Girls Clubs of South Alabama Youth of the Year luncheon. On June 23, the luncheon occurred at the Renaissance Mobile Riverview Plaza Hotel, a four-star hotel in the heart of Mobile, Alabama, and included a delicious meal for those in attendance. For 75 years the luncheon has occurred, but this year was the first in-person luncheon in two years since the pandemic.

The luncheon was held to honor and officially announce the winner of the South Alabama Youth of the Year Award. There were five finalists for the award. Six teens, including five regional winners and a national military youth winner, competed at a local, state and regional level for the title of National Youth of the Year. The winner serves as an ambassador for BGC youth and a voice for our nation’s young people. One corporate sponsor, SSAB, awarded cash prizes to the finalists.

In their speeches, each of the finalists shared the impact and inspiring relationships that the BGCA and staff have had on their lives. Brooklyn Rowell was the winner of the South Alabama Youth of the Year Award. She has been a Semmes Boys & Girls Club member since second grade. She says her involvement in the Boys & Girls Club activities has had a big impact on her life. In fact, Rowell’s involvement with the Boys & Girls Club’s “No Limits Girls’ Aviation” program motivated her to pursue an aviation career. She received a scholarship to attend the summer program at the Naval Flight Academy and will attend Liberty University after graduating high school in 2023.

For many years, PLNTF Holdings has teamed up with the local Boys & Girls Club of South Alabama, which has nine locations in the Mobile, Alabama, area. The franchise group has partnered with the Boys & Girls Club with sponsorships, donations and events. They were one of many companies that helped support the luncheon event and program. Sara Stroups, Carey Turner, Amy Obiol, Constance Barber, Aaliya Causey and Lydia Alawine were the PLNTF Holdings team members who attended.

The winners of the South Alabama Youth of the Year Awards won cash prizes of $350 to $750.