PLNTF Holdings Celebrates a Member’s Health Journey

Planet Fitness is all about helping people along their health and wellness journeys, and the brand has always been focused on creating a welcoming atmosphere where anyone can come to start their gym-going careers. Planet has always believed that it is important not to scare anyone away from being able to exercise and commit to their health.

Donald Kaiser is a member of the North Broadway Planet Fitness location in Wrigleyville, Ohio, which is part of PLNTF Holdings, and he has lost over 150 pounds since joining in 2018. Kaiser began his fitness journey by working out consistently, making healthier food choices and implementing lifestyle adjustments with the goal of improving his overall health.

Kaiser recognizes the PF team and the atmosphere at his club for helping him along the way to meeting his goals. He enjoys stopping by the front desk for a chat with the staff to ask how their day is going, and from time to time he even shows up with gift cards or food in hand to treat the staff.

Everyone has their own preferred workouts and exercise styles, and Kaiser does, too. The elliptical is one of Kaiser’s favorite forms of exercise because he can get a workout that is high intensity but low impact. He also enjoys doing row resistance work because that exercises the muscles in the back.

“Taking the first step to start working out is usually the hardest part when establishing a fitness program, but the team at Planet Fitness made it easy for me,” said Kaiser. “Kelsey Sloter, Eric Buskus and the rest of the Planet Fitness team have been amazing, providing me with a very supportive environment to reach my fitness goals. It’s never too late to make a change and I’ll be forever grateful for their encouragement.”