PLNTF Holdings Celebrates Member Who Is 96 Years Young

Planet Fitness® stands out for the way it welcomes everyone to the Judgement Free Zone®. A walk through a PF® club will show members of all backgrounds, shapes, sizes – and ages!

The team at PLNTF Holdings loves seeing member Ed Clark, who frequents the group’s club in Kokomo, Indiana. Clark is nearly 97 years old, but he usually works out every day for hours at a time. It’s not like him to miss a day. In fact, Clark joined Planet Fitness in 2014 and has checked in over 2,500 times since – which is nothing short of incredible!

Like many people who enjoy a good workout, Clark has his routine down to a science. He starts out with a short hydromassage to loosen up his muscles, and then he heads over to the strength machines, where he completes 30 reps at a light weight. After that, it’s time for walking on the treadmill and riding the exercise bike. There might be the occasional nap in there somewhere so he can recharge his energy, too! Clark appreciates the Wi-Fi in the club, which allows him to listen to Herb Alpert or big band music from the 1940s.

Clark is a favorite among club members and team members alike; they all know Ed by name because of his friendly nature and outgoing personality.

“If you don’t use it, you lose it,” said Clark in explaining his passion for working out. He appreciates the ambiance of the club itself, too. “I love the relaxed atmosphere here at Planet Fitness, and the environment makes me want to come here every day and put in the work. It keeps me mentally and physically sharp. This is definitely the best gym in town!”