PLNTF Holdings Gets Involved With Local 5K

There are many ways in which Planet Fitness® teams get involved with their communities, including being a part of local events like 5Ks. In June, District Manager Hunter Wetzel and the Greenbriar/Chantilly, Virginia, Planet Fitness team participated in a race, the Feed Fairfax 5K. The Greenbriar/Chantilly club is owned by PLNTF Holdings.

This was the first annual Feed Fairfax 5K, and the goal for the event was to raise money to provide food for children in the area experiencing food insecurity, which increased during the pandemic. The event also included the opportunity to make Power Packs, which are meal kits intended to help kids in need by providing food for the weekends. Many children rely on free or reduced-price meals given by schools, so the Power Packs are for weekend days when youth aren’t in school.

The Greenbriar/Chantilly team came prepared with a bright Planet Fitness tent, which provided shelter for the attendees. There were also sign-up promotions and giveaways. For giveaways, there were plenty of fun goodies to be had, including branded hats, shirts, bags, lip balm, water bottles, sunglasses and wristbands. The sign-up offers were $10 down with two months free and no commitment for a home club membership and $1 down with two months free and no commitment for a Black Card membership.

Being a part of 5Ks is something that not only aligns with PF®’s goal of encouraging fitness and getting active but allows a club to truly be part of the community they serve. By being part of the Feed Fairfax 5K, the club both supported a cause that helps kids in need and reached people in the community who might want to become part of the Judgement Free Zone® and join as members.