PLNTF Holdings Helps Out Local Veteran’s Back-to-Work Bootcamp

In Des Plaines, Illinois, the Chamber of Commerce developed the Veteran’s Back-to-Work Bootcamp, a program geared toward helping veterans transition to meaningful civilian careers. As the shift from military to civilian life is not always an easy one, the bootcamp’s goal is to smooth the path by providing potential career options for former service members.

PLNTF Holdings, which enjoys a strong, positive relationship with the Des Plaines Chamber of Commerce, frequently participates in initiatives the chamber runs, and the group threw its full support behind the Veteran’s Back-to-Work Bootcamp when it opened a second location in Des Plaines two years ago.

According to the Des Plaines Chamber of Commerce website, the Veteran’s Back-to-Work Bootcamp helps connect vets with mentors, local businesses and leaders; provides career preparation; gives support for job-searching, resumes and interviewing; sheds a light on physical and mental health; and ultimately provides veterans with the tools they need to succeed.

In addition to donating $1,000 this year, Regional Training Manager Kelsey Sloter attended the kick-off event to share Planet Fitness®’ commitment to the program, assuring attendees PF® is fully behind the cause. Sloter also conducted three virtual bootcamps for the students in the class, attended a job fair on behalf of PLNTF to offer tips on how to become a trainer and will be attending the graduation ceremonies with Chris Short, director of communications and external engagement.

“Kelsey has gone above and beyond to represent our organization in helping these veterans,” said Short. “She’s done an amazing job, particularly with the virtual bootcamp, which the veterans have loved. It’s a great effort for a great cause!”