PLNTF Holdings Member Shares Inspiring Weight Loss Journey

Upon a visit to his doctor in February 2020, Greg Brown, a member of the PLNTF Holdings location in Tampa, Florida, was given some unfavorable test results and informed he needed to change his health choices before it was too late. At that time, he decided to change his habits and get in shape.

When he joined Planet Fitness® shortly thereafter, he was over 300 pounds and had to commit to a complete lifestyle change. Brown began going to the gym every day, spending several hours a day working out on cardio machines and exercise equipment. In addition, he changed his eating habits to focus on eliminating sugars, high-fructose corn syrup, and carbonated sodas while watching his carb intake.

Since that time, Brown has earned his way to shedding 100 pounds, marking a dramatic turn in his life. It is an amazing story of completely changing one’s health outlook through focus and discipline.

“Planet Fitness – particularly the team of Carmen, Hector, Courtney, Isaiah, Mariah and Tyler – was the big key for me in losing weight and getting into shape,” said Brown. “The gym is always so well kept and clean with a great staff making it a great place to work out. As a matter of fact, my wife and teenage daughter have been so inspired by my weight loss that they have joined Planet Fitness as well. Thank you, Planet Fitness, for always being there for me and providing me with a way to change my entire outlook on life.”