PLNTF Holdings Rides into Victory Lane After Remodel

PLNTF Holdings remodeled its Beech Grove club in Indianapolis, adding new wall lockers and brand-new televisions, remodeling the locker rooms, updating the drinking fountains and repainting and retiling the gym. Additionally, the group updated the Black Card Spa with a new ceiling and lighting. It also added new stair climbers as part of the project.

The group sped to celebrate the reopening of their Beech Grove club during the last week of July, inviting NASCAR star Joey Logano to the celebration. He signed autographs and took pictures with Planet Fitness® members and guests for more than two hours. Over 300 people showed up to the Beech Grove location to mark the renovations.

“We were thrilled to see so many auto racing fans show up at the event to help us celebrate the remodel and reequip of our Beech Grove Planet Fitness,” said Murphee Pellman, operations project manager with PLNTF Holdings. “To see more than 300 people come out to our club and get a chance to meet Joey Logano was a perfect way for us to show off the new equipment at our club. It was a wonderful day with a fantastic crowd.”

In combination with PLNTF Holdings’ Martinsville grand opening, members were offered the chance to win tickets to the VIP NASCAR & IndyCar Series Races at the Indianapolis Speedway. The race series included three races: NASCAR Cup Series, Xfinity Series and IndyCar Series Race Weekend. The group had two VIP sweepstakes winners for the NASCAR tickets, and it also partnered with Hank FM radio via live remote at the event to give away four additional pairs of race tickets. PLNTF Holdings really knows how to show appreciation for their Planet Fitness fans!

“With a major NASCAR event in Indianapolis that weekend and so many auto racing fans located in the Beech Grove area, we knew Joey would be the perfect fit to help us draw attention to the positive changes we have made to the Beech Grove club,” said Chris Short, director of communications and external affairs. “The event provided us with the perfect showcase for the club, while also rewarding fans with a chance to meet their favorite race car driver.”