Red Mountain Management Services Open Its Doors to Local Students

Planet Fitness® strives to be a Judgement Free Zone®, meaning it is inclusive of everyone – especially those new to fitness. In January, Red Mountain Management Services welcomed a group of students to its Planet Fitness location in Holland, Michigan. The students were given a tour to learn about the brand, as well as how to work out safely. Then, Jake Dalziel, a PF® trainer, led the students through a workout and taught them about the different equipment Planet Fitness offers.

The students were part of the YAS program, a program that helps transition young adults who are receiving special education services, to be independent. Through the program, the students focus on building skills such as employment, social-emotional, communication and household independence. These students were all a part of OAISD (Ottawa Area Independent School District), and their ages ranged from 18-26. The students appreciated learning about all the benefits of having a Planet Fitness gym membership.

“It was a lot of fun signing up all of the students and getting to know them. Showing them around the gym before their class with Jake, we got to see the students get excited about exercising. It was very rewarding to be able to watch them leave the week knowing how to use our equipment and excited about the thought of joining as a member. They made an average week in January a very fun and memorable one,” said Lexie Wilson, senior club manager for the Holland location.

Red Mountain Management Services has nine clubs, all located in western Michigan.