Chris Cavolo

Planet Fitness Growth Partners’ Maryville Location Wins Reader’s Choice Award for Best Gym

Blount County, Tennessee, has spoken, and they are saying that the Maryville Planet Fitness® club is their favorite place to stay fit. The location is heralded as the best gym in the area, according to The Daily Times’ 2016 Reader’s Choice competition.

The team members and staff at the PF location are especially thrilled about the win since the club has only been open for roughly eight months, and the area boasts two major fitness competitors. “This is really a great accomplishment in such a short amount of time, and we are excited to see what the future holds for our Maryville location,” said Chris Cavolo, principal at Planet Fitness Growth Partners. “There are myriad factors that came into play, and it is the optimal combination of these factors that can be attributed to the success of the Maryville location. Maryville’s preference with the readers of The Daily Times is a combination of incredible staff, a remarkable location, an exceptional member base and being active within the community.”

Cavolo notes that much of the success is related to the staff and members caring about one another and promoting a friendly atmosphere, which is what Planet Fitness is all about. “The Maryville staff genuinely cares about the gym and the members, and this shows in all their interactions with the members,” he said.

“Our members have grown to be more than that. They have become like family,” echoed team member Lezlie Bauler. “So many members check in on my life, and I check in on them. If a member is going to be out for a bit, they let me know so I don’t worry.”

PFGP Shoots Hoops with Local Boys & Girls Club

PFGP_1Planet Fitness Growth Partners (PFGP) hosted a “Planet Fitness®/Boys & Girls Club Basketball Jamboree” in coordination with the Boys & Girls Club (BGC) of Cleveland, Tennessee, March 16, at the Cleveland BGC facility. Around 350 children from the four Cleveland-area BGC’s gathered in the gymnasium with nine teams participating in the tournament.

This jamboree was an effort to support the newly established Judgment Free Generation™ to combat bullying and judgement faced in today’s teen culture.

“I am incredibly proud of our team. I expressed my desire to have our Tennessee team be an early adopter of this charity effort and to embrace it with wide open arms – and next thing I know, they had this all put together! I am amazed and humbled by the passion and selflessness of our team in wanting to make a positive difference in the communities that Planet Fitness Growth Partners calls home,” said Chris Cavolo, chief operating officer of TN/WA Planet Fitness Growth Partners.

PFGP_4The festivities began as soon as the children ran through the doors of the cafeteria to the BGC club, with the PF® team greeting them with pizza, cookies and drinks. The BGC staff ensured that the children rarely get pizza, so this was a huge treat to young group. After the deliciously cheesy snack, it was finally game time!

“These kids had fun; they were competitive and they were awesome at basketball! This was a powerful experience for our volunteering managers from PFGP Tennessee clubs. These children were so appreciative and happy for us doing something as small as a basketball tournament that it really put things into perspective,” continued Holly Berens, Tennessee Planet Fitness Growth Partners operations support coordinator. “Having the kids approach our team and say ‘I wish this day would never end!’ and ‘This is the best day ever!’ made this experience so rewarding.”

PFGP_5The children left that day with Planet Fitness T-shirts, medals and full bellies, but more importantly, they left with smiles that the PF team will never forget. PFGP plans to continue representing the Judgment Free Generation by co-hosting another tournament in Jackson, Tennessee, April 1, and sending trainers in to teach exercises once a month.