Taymax Befriends Man’s Best Friend at Local Volunteer Event

On June 11, 2023, six of Taymax’s staff members from its London/Oxbury Mall, Ontario location attended the Bark in the Park Festival, where Planet Fitness® was a volunteer sponsor. The festival had games and entertainment for local dogs and their human owners to enjoy. This year’s entertainment included performances from The Ultimutts, a group of disabled performance dogs from Ontario.

At the event, Taymax set up a tent to interact with attendees. Staff members gave the dogs giveaways, such as bandanas and squeaky toys. They also interacted with prospective members who had the opportunity to enter to win a one-year Black Card membership. Taymax staff also gave out PF®-branded bags and water bottles to the prospective members. The festival was a great way to spread awareness about PF’s memberships to a wide range of people, as Taymax believes they interacted with roughly 5,000 participants during the event.

Thanks to Taymax’s help, there was a lot of wagging of tails by the end of the event. The Bark in the Park event benefited the Humane Society of London & Middlesex, and the proceeds from the event went toward a new humane society facility. This was the first time Taymax volunteered at the event, but the group wants to continue its involvement next year.

“We attended the 2023 Bark in the Park Festival to show the local London, Ontario, Humane Society our support. We were blown away by the support we received from the community at the event, and the feedback after the event,” said Area Director for Taymax Jaimie Prue. “The day was filled with barks, squeaks and wagging tails, but in looking across the event space, the first thing you noticed was all the dogs wearing our bandanas! We even had some of the performing dogs and event winners sporting our merch. We were so thrilled to be involved in such a great local event and so appreciative for the love the community showed us.”