Taymax Celebrates Health Journey of Georgia Member

Planet Fitness® loves to recognize the amazing accomplishments of its members and lift each other up! For Taymax, it was important to celebrate the health journey of David Tatum, a member of its Waycross, Georgia, location since December 2017.

Tatum’s wife signed him up for a membership. Tatum said that he had no desire to go to any gym at all, but years of back pain, knee pain, ankle pain, lack of energy, needing to hold on to things or people for support, and high blood pressure changed his mind.

Tatum decided to visit Planet Fitness, and when he first entered a club, he weighed 440 pounds and wore an 8XL shirt. Now, Tatum wears a 2XL shirt and has lost 19 inches from his waist! Weighing in at 293 pounds, it seems he is well on his way to reaching his goal weight of 250 pounds.

Tatum has developed a gym routine, spending about three and a half hours seven days a week exercising. He goes three and a half miles a day on the treadmill, goes a mile on the elliptical, and uses the strength training equipment for about 45 minutes or an hour.

Tatum explained that it only works if you come to the gym and be patient – it will happen. He spoke about Torris Miller, the general manager at the Waycross gym, saying, “He is a great inspiration and inspired me to come to the gym and push myself even when I did not want to.”

Now, Miller reports Tatum is pain-free and has lowered his blood pressure – a wonderful accomplishment! Stories about Planet Fitness members who have committed to improving their health inspires everyone, and we’re happy to hear Tatum has made so much progress in feeling better.