Taymax Employee Donates Propel Beverages to Police Force

Due to the pandemic, many frontline workers such as nurses and police officers have had to work extra hard to minimize the effects of COVID-19. Taymax Group employee Christine Power of the Westdale Mall club in Mississauga, Ontario, wanted to give back to these workers to thank them for their efforts.

On her own, Power came up with the idea to donate 40 cases of Propel beverages to members of the Peel Region SWAT and police force. Breanne Barth, the area director, was supportive of the idea.

However, this was not the first time the Taymax Group has helped its local police department. During Canada’s last COVID-19 lockdown, the Mississauga Westdale Mall location donated Gatorade beverages to the Peel Region SWAT, Peel Region and Orange Ambulance. The Westdale Mall club wanted to originally give donations to the hospital but could not due to COVID restrictions. Power moved on to the next frontline workers she could think of, and the local police department came to mind. Power’s uncle manages the Peel Region SWAT and police force, so she was able to reach out to him to arrange the donation.

The Peel Region SWAT and police force are currently training two recruit classes of about 67 new officers, who have benefited from the Propel donation. Recruit classes include a lot of physical training, so the drink donation has helped the classes stay hydrated, especially during the hotter months of summer.

Going forward, the Mississauga club plans to keep this partnership in place with both the police departments and Orange Ambulance teams.