Taymax Expands Mini Judgement Free Zone Into Canada

In July, Taymax Group led the way for future generations by opening the first ever mini Judgement Free Zone® in Canada. With the location at the BGC West End Community Centre, Taymax will bring healthy living and fitness to more than 3,000 children in the area.

Taymax donated 28 pieces of cardio equipment, including arc trainers, ellipticals, 14 bikes and treadmills, to the space. The mini gym also began offering free structured fitness sessions for more than 700 children in September. The club provides other programs for children such as the All Female Running Club and Junior Sports League. During these programs, children train after school on treadmills and use the cardio equipment, as well as use the BGC South East facilities to participate in sports leagues such as basketball and indoor soccer.

On the day of the mini JFZ opening, there was a ribbon-cutting ceremony, with Taymax President of International Jessica Sisk Roehle, Regional Marketing and Community Investment Manager Rudy Petrillo, General Manager Kimberly Traill and General Manager Patrick Leroux in attendance.

The mini Judgement Free Zone had 28 pieces of cardio equipment, including ellipticals, bikes, treadmills and arc trainers.

The location is all part of the Planet Fitness Judgement Free Generation initiative, designed to fight teen bullying and encourage kindness. The first ever mini JFZ in a Boys and Girls Club opened in 2016 in New Hampshire, and since then, the company has opened more than 30 mini Judgement Free Zones across the United States. Planet Fitness now has its eyes set on expanding the mini gyms further into Canada.

“Teens have so much energy, and we want to help channel and develop it in a positive way,” Executive Director BGC South East Harold Parsons said. “We know that if children start learning fitness skills early and exercising regularly, they will develop a host of physical competencies that will set them up for a healthy life.”